Monday, 7 April 2008

Not my favourite things!

Three things I really don't enjoy are;
1. sailing into an anchorage.
2. sailing into an unknown anchorage.
3. sailing into an unknown anchorage in the dark!

Well last night we did all three... Just before sunset as we were motoring in to a fairly lumpy sea with a headwind the engine decided to overheat, again. earlier in the day, just after crossing the bar at Livingstone we shredded an impeller and TBH did major surgery. Sadly it turns out he didn't go far enough and we had lots of nasty bits of impeller lodged in the arteries of the engine.
the consequences being that we made the decision to sail back and anchor safely for the night. Of course the wind promptly proceeded to die and we had a slow rolly sail back here, almost where we started from!

However all is now well and we have enjoyed an unexpectedly lovely anchorage, no other boats, clear calm waters and a bit of a chance to gather ourselves again! just waiting for the latest weather forecast and we will leave again tomorrow or the following day.

Enjoyed an excellent Spaghetti Bolognaise for supper and a Patrick O'Brian book that I haven't read yet! Bed calls, after all the sun set thirty minutes`ago!

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