Friday, 11 April 2008

Gentlemen don't do it to Windward...

.. And after last night's expedition I bloody know why! It's uncomfortable, slow and downright tedious.

But no mind we got here at 11am this morning having left the anchorage at just after 9pm last night. 14 hours to cover just 60 miles, sometimes you just have to realise that you don't have to be crazy to do this... but it sure helps. So we sit in our quiet anchorage and wait for the weather system to pass through and the winds to return to the east before we can leave again.

It's when plans get altered in this fashion that i am pleased that we always have the boat stocked to the hilt with everything we need to stay out for many months at a time. Not that I am anticipating that long a wait but you never know. I remember reading one of Lynne Pardey's books eons ago when she said that the first thing they always do as soon as they arrive in an anchorage is prepare to leave it! At the time it seemed crazy but with the benefit of a little experience what a wise woman is our Lynne. You just never know when the weather is going to change, the water go off ashore, fuel become hard to source or a whole country run out of tinned tomatoes. And let me tell you all those things can really affect your way of life out here.

Being loaded has meant we have had the opportunity to spend months on an isolated Iberian river, stay at anchor in some of the most beautiful islands you can imagine without wondering where the next meal or roll of toilet paper is coming from.

So all those trips to Puerto Barrios and Guatemala city are paying off, so long as the wind keeps blowing to turn the wind generator we may even have enough power to watch a movie tonight!

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