Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Cruisers plans.

..are said to be set in jelly or we have no plans and are sticking to them!

Well that sums us up pretty well right now. Losing time to our engine problem has left us tight to get to Cuba before a forecast Northerly comes through the area sometime Sunday. Well that's what I glean from the various forecasts that we have access to.

So looking at our options, and me being a VERY conservative sailor, we will go east along the Honduran coast tomorrow night to arrive early Friday morning in a well sheltered and isolated bay. There we will wait until the 'Norther' decides how strong it wants to be. A couple of days after it passes the winds should turn back to the East and we will be well placed to head almost due North towards our destination on the Western tip of Cuba. Well that's the plan.....

It may work out well for us as the kids arrive in Havana on the 23rd and we won't have to wait long to see them!

It is also nice to have this time to make the transition from marina sailors back to 'real' sailors! Eight months tied up is the longest we have spent anywhere and you forget sooo much. Well I do, it must be aging! All those CRAFT moments, Can't Remember A Fucking Thing! So looking on the bright side I have my sealegs back, and a rather lovely pair they are, little equipment issues are addressed. Like where the hell did we put the spare GPS, who had the whistle(for night watches) last and not least remembering how to operate all the bits we haven't twiddled with for months!

So we`are relaxing, eating and watching, literally, the world sail past...

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