Wednesday, 21 October 2009

We can make a change.

Whether you are a dirt or water dweller some things are affecting us all right now. I am talking economic crisis here.

I know that lots of people don't want to even think about it and are closing their eyes to the reality of the dire situation but thank god there are increasing numbers of ordinary folk who are getting organised and demanding change from their governments.

People power should never be underestimated. You, me, we can make a difference BUT we have to get off our butts to do it. Those in power would like us to believe that the 'little people' hold no sway but they are wrong.

Look at this site and this one they are fighting to make a difference, orchestrating actions that need to happen.They make the point that change has not come from the top.

So get involved, make your voice heard, if you don't the price you will pay will be unthinkable.

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