Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Our 'Enery..

Henry, our little red generator, came in for a bit of an overhaul this morning. The dear little beast was losing some oil from his exhaust(nasty that). So we rooted around under the bed and found some 'liquid gasket'. Actually we found three different types of liquid gasket. It's great hiding things away on a boat, every search is accompanied by a new and wonderful discovery. Maybe its my age, I often forget what we have on board. TBH says they are CRAFT moments, Can't RememberA Fucking Thing. Bless him, such a way with words...

So the galley worktop was prepared for surgery, 'Enery made comfy and the surgeon began. There were a few 'sticky' moments but he pulled through fine and is now back on deck chugging along charging, and running, our two laptops. What a soldier!

'Enery is a basic model, just about the cheapest generator here in Guatemala, all Q1100 of him(about 110 euros) but he's just perfect. We spend a lot of time thinking about sustainable living and appropriate technology and he really fits the bill. Made for the local population he comes with NO fancy electronic processors, add ons or need for specialist equipment. What he does come with is a wonderful little toolkit, all that you need to keep him in fine fettle.

Access is a little tight in spots...

...but all things are possible. He runs for about 5 hours on 4.2 litres of petrol and chugs his little 2 stroke heart out producing 6.7 amps an hour. That takes the pressure off the boat batteries as far as the computers are concerned.

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