Friday, 23 October 2009

It Breaks...'s a boat!

Well after a reasonable run of NO breakages of course it had to happen.

As we moved anchorage the other day TBH called out 'Anchor aweigh!'. That's my cue to move the boat into gear and head on out.

Ah Ah! No way was that gear lever going to move into forward, or backward for that matter.

It's happened a few times before, once(horribly) in Cartagena which caused a few heart stopping moments as we navigated a crowded anchorage.

This time I knew the routine. TBH went below, opened up the engine compartment, disconnected the control cable and moved the lever at the mounting. Crude but effective.

So a few days later we have got to grips with the failed knob! Taken all to pieces it still refuse to release the 'neutral' button. Surfing the web we found the manufacturers(teleflex) help line. They were super, said after 18 years we probably need a new one but in the meantime use a bit of brute force and ignorance. Obviously a technician after my own heart!

With TBH in muscle man mode it was released and a cheer resounded around the boat.

...of course being a boat that's not the end of the story. To reattatch the cable from the pedestal to the engine involves a great set of body contortions, much grunting and liberal use of expletives###!!

Finally it's done. We have transmission.

But just to be certain I've ordered a new part to come out with the next visitor. I'm not taking any chances!

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