Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sleeping Beauty.

Goodness we are both feeling a bit weary this afternoon. After a busy day yesterday and a late night we were up at 5am for an online conference with the UK. Man that was hard work to come alive.

You know how some mornings your bed is just the best place in the whole world..the sheets are smooth, the mattress holds you in just the right position, no lumps in the pillows and a cooling breeze caressing your face..

Well this morning was one of those and I really, really didn't want to leave it.

I did though.

So by 9am the conference was over and I had baked a tray of cherry and walnut muffins, scrumptious. Made a panacotta and a delicious plum sauce to go with it. Gave the sauce a dash of cinnamon and a glug of brandy and the whole boat started to smell of Christmas. Which is fast approaching!

We have Lucy and Alex coming to stay this year so I am getting excited and planning!

Found a wonderful website with all sorts of nautical goodies, I particularly like the fat Mermaid Christmas tree decorations!

The countdown begins!

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