Friday, 30 October 2009

Pirate boarding.

Every morning on channel 69 we get the local cruisers net here on the Rio. It starts with calls for emergency and priority messages. The other day an American voice announced in a concerned way that a British boat had gone missing off the SAY SHELLES.

He appeared to have heard the message on CNN and I have a sneaky feeling didn't know where these islands were!

Not quite what we were expecting for that segment of the net which usually deals with the theft of dinghy motors! Still at least he tried.

I started watching the story after an announcement on some sailing forums that their epirb had been activated a week ago and did anyone have any knowledge of the boat. Isn't it extra-ordinary how quickly information can be disseminated by 'tribes' of people interested in the same subject?

Within hours the sailing community were listening out for news of Lynn Rival, the boat that was missing.

Lynn Rival is a similar boat to ours and we learnt to sail on that make and model of boat

They were sailing in some of the most hazardous waters for pirate activity in the world and the immediate consensus was that they had probably been boarded. Sadly this proves to have been correct and we now await the outcome of their families efforts to get them released.

This piece of video contains a phone conversation with the kidnapped couple, I must say they sound pretty together so fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

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