Monday, 26 October 2009

The Bank Card Two-step.

That's what we have been doing for the past few days!One step forward and two back.

One of the most difficult things about cruising is money, no, not just the need for it, but how to get at it!

I guess we have been pretty fortunate but this is the first time we have had a serious hiccup in our financial arrangements. It is just one of those nasty combination's of events that sometimes cause a big problem

Our new cards did not arrive at our UK address before the old ones expired.So I re-ordered them just in time to get caught up in the current British Postal Strike-sigh!

Not to worry we had another card and that surfices. Oh no it doesn't...for some bizarre reason the ATM in town decided it no longer liked our piece of plastic. Quick email to the bank."Oh yes you probably need a new pin number I'll send one"

Well to cut a long story short TWO arrive in identical envelopes,well apart from a few numbers on the outside, the information is conveyed via our son. Neither of them worked and THEN the whole card got locked down so no access to cash or services.The local bank in town proved totally unhelpful,they claimed to have run out of vouchers to do a manual transaction, oh yeah.

Oh Dear!

Our lovely bank manager has sent another that she assures me 'is agonna work manana!"(She's not British!)

Fingers crossed that she's right or we could be on short rations until Lucy and Alex arrive.

Oh I do love technology, sigh!

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