Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Two steps forward and one back...

Okay, it's been a difficult start to the week. For reasons, good I hasten to add, of business, we are committed to staying another two weeks here on the Rio. Disappointing, as we were literally within hours of leaving, but hey, c'est la vie! The boat is WAY down on her waterline, what waterline I can hear TBH shouting from the saloon. The good side is that we are ready in almost every way to spend a long time off the dock. So we have some time to use in dealing with some of those maintenance jobs that keep getting pushed to the end of the list.

Yesterday we decided to tackle the intermittent leak we have developed in the aft cabin. You know one of those irritating ones that seem to have a mind of their own. We were fairly certain that the damage caused when we were T boned a few years ago has, over the years, allowed a small crack to develop under the stanchion. So as TBH wrestled to remove the panelling in the cabin we were delighted to see that we had been correct. The stanchion had twisted a tiny bit and this had allowed water to ingress down one of the bolts, it only seemed to let in water when the boat heeled to port or the rain came from that direction.

So it's sorted, rebedded in sikaflex and , hopefully, we are waterproofed again!

Now we just have to reassemble the cabin, restow the mountain of provisions and get back to square one again! Ah well it's a boat!

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