Saturday, 21 March 2009

Everything for a reason!

And how right 'they' are!

Yes we are still here, and because we are we have had the good fortune to meet Doug and Ann. They arrived here in the marina a few days ago on their boat Galivant. Not only have we had the pleasure of their company but we have acquired something we have been looking for.

Every since we bought our boat we have been waiting for the 'right' oil lamp to come along to take pride of place in the saloon. We have wall mounted ones which have proved invaluable at times and wanted to augment them with a nautical but not twee free hanging model. What with one thing and another the right one just never came our way, until this week.

In the van, on the way shopping we were saying that we needed to buy some paraffin, one thing led to another and lo and behold Galivant said they had a lamp they no longer wanted but they were looking for some teak....

The deed was done, we managed to offload two large pieces of teak(hurrah), a few movies and some computer sorting and in exchange we have a magnificent lamp, spare glass and wick.

Thank you Doug and Ann, we are delighted with the exchange.

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