Monday, 16 March 2009

The trials continue..

...and so it goes on.

Yesterday TBH attacked the blower, that's the fan that extracts the nasty, toxic diesel fumes from the boat and vomits them out through the swallows nest in the cockpit. First he took off the engine control panel, that involves un-sikaflexing the thing. Tests the connection, yup its ok. Then replacing the wire from the engine panel to the blower. OK but still not working. Now he replaces the blower(we had a spare luckily). In doing so he discovers a nasty connector that narrows the exhaust tube for the fumes from 3" to 2". it has completely corroded away. So blower in place and working means that today he started by fashioning a new 'connector' from some epoxy and fibreglass, oh joy!

Then to top it all off the engine overheated during its morning fridge charging session! I am trying to convince myself that it's better these things happen at the dock but I am failing! Right now I am seriously pissed off.

I am taking refuge in watching Rick Stein's French Odyssey, a cooking series that follow one of my favourite chefs as he journeys through France from Bordeaux, on the Atlantic coast, to Marseille in the Mediteranean.Now I'm hungry too!

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