Sunday, 8 March 2009

Success and failure.

I guess that it would be boring if everything went right the first time around. That's what I try and console myself with anyway.

The last week has involved us in total upheaval within the boat as we try and mend stuff! Success with the GPS. It had stopped acquiring the satellites and therefore was totally useless to us. TBH had a good look at the whole instillation and found that the wire from the aerial on the pushpit had been damaged so... Yes it sounds an easy job but the route went through three lockers on deck, round the back of the aft heads and finally into the control board at the navigation station.

You can see from these photographs just how disruptive this relatively simple repair was, nothing unusual on a boat I have to admit! TBH spent the whole of yesterday ensconced in the large lazarette, what a hero.

Sadly the operation to replace the mast top wind instruments has not, to date, been succesful. After two exercise sessions as I hauled TBH to the top and thinking we had cracked the problem we still have no readings down on the deck. Despite emailing B&G we have, to date, had no response to our questions so it'll be back up there again next week to see if we can figure out the problem. I am confident that we will be succesful next time...

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