Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Trouble and strife.

We have a teak deck. I love it. TBH is not so keen.

For me it speaks of the romance of wooden boats, the elegance of days past and stuff like that. To him it represents heat and work!

As our boat ages so we have to make repairs to the deck, the odd plank is wearing through and from time to time needs to be replaced. Teak, at least good quality teak, is harder and harder to find.

So when TBH heard a rumour that there was a small stash of good stuff here on the river, his nose quivered and he set off on the hunt. "We need some planks, some for now and a stock for later. Also the kingplank needs replacing" Hmm. OK I thought he's right. I should point out that our deck is purely cosmetic. Under the wood (which is glued not screwed) are layers of epoxy which ensure that below decks stays nice and dry even if a plank cracks.

So a couple of days ago he headed inland to the owner of said teak stash's yard. A day of sawing and planing and rejecting pieces with bullet (!) holes in and he returned covered in dust. Yesterday the wood arrived. As what seemed like half the Guatemalan rain forest was unloaded onto the dock I raised an eyebrow, as it continued to come aboard I muttered a number of curses and when it was all finally unloaded I swore he would NEVER be allowed to go shopping alone again!

Yes its good quality, and well machined to the size we want but we really don't need all this! I say no more...

Meanwhile I had the sewing machine out. This is a horrific thing for me. Just the sight of it makes me hyperventilate. Somehow I seem to have been born without the sewing gene. I had set myself a simple enough task. We needed a new rain catcher. Just a simple, hemmed rectangle of canvas with a thru hull fitting in the centre and grommets round the edges. Of course nothing is ever simple on the boat.

First unearth said machine, stowed in aftcabin wardrobe under a ton of shoes.
Next unearth fabric, behind saloon settee, under assorted computer paper, canned hams, ink cartridges, sail bags and other vital things.
Find transformer for power supply.
Unearth thread etc from under forward berth.

Interruption to take delivery of wood and stow!

Attempt to cut fabric to size with hot knife, give up in disgust and resort to scissors.

Thread machine. Struggle with magnifying glass to thread needle. Find stitch tension incorrect so alter and rethread....

Finally success! Not a thing of beauty but 'fit for purpose'.Restow all kit and open well earned bottle of wine. Retreat to cockpit!

And in amongst all this our great friends left the dock to go cruising. Mike, Cindy and 'young Cynth" headed out for the summer leaving me watching them head down river. Me next...please...

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