Saturday, 7 March 2009

Best laid plans...

...just always seem to fail!

Yes we are still here. This time it's TBH's teeth. Well tooth actually. It turns out he had an abscess under the tooth and in his jaw bone. Nasty. So after his visit to the dentist last weekend he has been on heavy duty antibiotics, painkillers and lots of chamomile tea. Yes, that's right, chamomile tea. It was recommended by the dentist as a mouthwash. I 'googled' it and there it was dating back to Roman times, a natural aid to healing for mouth problems and dental abscesses. It worked too!
After every session with the tea the swelling on his jaw subsided until he no longer looks like a rather poorly hamster. Result.

So we reschedule our departure to the middle of next week. I am chary of leaving before the full course of antibiotics is finished and he has the all clear.

In the meantime TBH has been helping our son develop a website for the YouTube Symphony orchestra which has kept his mind occupied. I have been following the news of the deepening world economic crisis with increasing apprehension for the future. What a complete shambles.

Thank goodness we have already exited from the reality that is the modern working world. I just worry for our children and what comes next.

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