Saturday, 21 February 2009

A week is a long time...

Well the week is over, Lucy is back in the UK, it's raining...again and I am a bit of a glum Mum!

We had a great week and Lucy ran us ragged demanding that we join in all the touristy things on the Rio. Sometimes it's good to have visitors. Not only does the boat get a really good clean but you look at your current location with fresh eyes and appreciate again the reason why you are here..still!

We visited a set of Mayan ruins nearby, not really my thing but interesting. As we approached the site our driver told us the coaches cluttering up the road were also headed the same way. Our hearts dropped at the thought of an entire cruise liner also vying to look at the exhibits. But there was a silver lining, they had some excellent English speaking guides with them so we tagged along and learned far more than if we had been muddling around on our own.

We shopped and ate out, and played countless games of dominoes, which of course I won!
The last couple of days have been taken up with accompanying the offspring to Guat City, seeing her off and returning to the Rio. Of course she had the trip from hell, vowing to never fly American Airlines again. Technical issues in Miami meant a late arrival in New York and a bag that has not yet made it to the UK.

Meanwhile we are in full departure mode...not! Mostly looking at lists and gulping as we realise all the things we meant to achieve and have not. Still it should not come as a surprise to us after all there's still over a week to go before we intend to cast off the dock lines...and a week is a long time!

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