Thursday, 5 February 2009

Diesel and Ducks.

The patient(our engine) appears to have come through surgery with a clean bill of health. What a relief! After two days of assuming some very strange positions on the sole of the cabin TBH told me it was time to turn the engine on... Nervously I turned the key and away she went. Listening carefully the old familiar rattles and knocks did not seem to have altered, quick look over the stern to confirm that water was flowing from the exhaust and a while watching the temperature gauge. All seems well. Thank goodness that job is over. It's one of those massive mental challenges that take a lot of surmounting! After all get the timing belt on incorrectly and that's it NO engine.

We have become increasingly paranoid about letting anyone else work on our boat. So many times we have suffered at the hands of inept mechanics and technicians. We would rather learn the skills required to keep our , relatively, simple systems working ourselves than be held hostage in the hands of others.

Armando, the tree whistling black bellied somewhat confused duck, has a mate, Gloria. Sadly it does not look like a marriage made in heaven! He has become aggressive towards her and Valentine's Day can't come too soon for the pair of them! The staff spend spare moments anxiously watching the antics of the connubial pair...As Inez put it, slowly, slowly he will win her round! Hmmnn I'm not too sure about that, isn't looking too promising to me.

So today TBH will change the oil in the engine, change the oil and fuel filters and then we can get all the tools back into their 'sea-going' positions.I am looking forward to getting going again. Back to the ocean and away from people!

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