Saturday, 7 February 2009


Nothing on a boat is ever straight forward. Just as we were congratulating ourselves for completing the changing of the timing belt as well as installing new fuel and oil filters, and changing the oil we realised that the engine fan blower has quit. Bugger. This clears the engine fumes from the cabin and vomits them out through one of the 'swallow's nests' in the cockpit. It's probably just a loose wire but tedious never the less.

Our main GPS quit picking up satellites and before buying a new unit TBH decided to see if there was a simple fault. There was, well sort of! The wire from the aerial to the unit has been damaged and needs replacing. Simple? No! It involves emptying the main lazarette, removing the paneling in the heads and navigation station before a new wire can be run up to the aerial on the pushpit. AAgh!

See what I mean nothing is ever simple. Mend one fault and discover three more seems to be the rule of sailing!

It's raining again and still cold. So cold at nights that I have unearthed the duvet that we last used in Europe and put it on the bed. Tropical heat! Anyway it's encouraged me to get on with washing the curtains, cushion covers and other sundry bits. Lordy they were dirty... Some major sewing to be done soon as some of the curtain linings are badly damaged by the sun.

It's all a bit depressing but I am holding on to the fact that we have promised ourselves to be off the dock by the end of the month. It will all be worth it...won't it??

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