Thursday, 26 February 2009

Time moves on.

It's been a busy few days.

Monday began with my workout winching TBH to the top of the mast in the ongoing wind instrument replacement saga. Success as the borrowed Dremel tool took off the corrosion and he was able to epoxy into place the new holder for the actual piece of gear we are ready to install. I was due to winch again this morning but have decided that tomorrow looks like a much better option! I know, I know procrastination and all that........

Yesterday we both joined the marina van for the weekly trip to Puerto Barrios, for the last time probably! Our fellow travelers, Cindy, Tom and Kim with the able assistance of Marco managed to strip the supermarket almost bare, collect oil filters, computer parts,batteries and sundry assorted goodies. We even fitted in a visit to both MacDonald's,for breakfast, and the excellent Chinese restaurant in Morales, for lunch! Returning with arms full of fresh roses from the stall outside the Post Office, a good time was had by all.

Last night my sleep was rent by the sound of gunshots going off a bit too close for comfort. haven't heard any of those for a while. It appears that the dock guard here saw an unidentified dinghy close to one of the boats in the storage line, no sign of a person. He fired a warning shot whereupon the 'empty' dinghy started to head for open water! Another shot was fired and the Navy called. They finally made it here 45 minutes later, not what you would call rapid response! Anyway they evidently recovered a dinghy but, strangely enough, no sign of an occupant. Serves to remind us that we should maintain vigilance here on the river.

So the boat is stocked, the final jobs getting crossed off the list and with TBH's dental treatment coming to a close early next week we should be out of here. sadly we won't make it to St Maarten for Heineken Week but then that's what plans are for isn't it, to be broken!

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Wishing you fair winds and easy waters!