Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow, rain and services.

Snowing in England, raining on the Rio...and another cold front making it's way past us. Not a great morning here.

Watched George motor past at daybreak on his way to Panama and then New Zealand. Quite an adventure in a smallish motor trawler. We shall miss him and his wonderful irreverent Aussie humour.

TBH is about to commence open heart surgery on our engine. It's a job that needs doing every 3 years or so. A massive service which involves changing the timing belt. Delicate stuff, get it wrong and the whole thing is FCK'D!So everything will be turned over to ease this task. That means the entire boat being in uproar for a day or two. Still so long as I end up with somewhere to sit that's all I ask..actually that's quite a lot as the tools are spread around the boat. And they always seem to be under the seat that I am currently occupying.

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