Sunday, 15 February 2009

High speed living.

Hard to believe that it's a week since I last made an entry here. So much has been going on and I am having trouble keeping up with the increased speed of life since Lucy arrived on board! Certainly makes me realise what a laid back easy going way of life we lead these days...

We headed to the city on Wednesday morning bright and early. The weather was perfect and Guatemala showed herself off in all the vibrancy of an early Spring day. The mountains clear and crisp against the blue sky and even the fields looking green and verdant considering we are officially now in the dry season.

The longer I spend at sea level the harder I find the trip inland to the city. Zooming along at speed and climbing to a height of 3000 feet I am starting to think that I am experiencing some sort of altitude sickness! I start to ache and feel a bit woozy as soon as we arrive in the city and it abates as we get back to the Rio. TBH says it's just getting older...

Lucy's flight was due in at 10.10pm but it was late, no surprise. She was pretty tired after over 24 hours traveling but bounced out of the arrivals door looking great. It's lovely to see her again.Being a mum I have difficulty adjusting to the fact she is now almost 23, not the 3 year old that I still believe her to be and within minutes find myself back in the parenting roll! Stay close! Have you got sun cream on? Bless her she copes well with my orders..

We stopped at Pricesmart on the way back, no opportunity to stock up is ever passed by ,and even coerced Marco, our driver, to stop at Pollo Campero ( the Guat version of Kentucky Fried Chicken) for lunch. My cup overfloweth(as well as my trousers!).

So Lucy is here on the Rio, safe and sound and demanding 24/7 entertainment. Blimey I had forgotten how much energy youth has! We have been into Fronteras, booked a trip to some ruins and were all set to head down river on the boat when TBH was struck low with a recurring dental problem. Poor lamb was in awful pain yesterday and can't see the dentist until Wednesday. I have rifled through my medicine chest and have him on antibiotics and pain relief but he is only functioning at around 70%. Bless him he is so rarely laid low and I hate to see him suffering. So we won't be going down river and Lucy and I will take a lancha so she can get some of the flavour of this extra-ordinary place that is the Rio dulce.

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