Monday, 9 February 2009

Daughters and ducks.

There is great delight on board our little boat as our youngest daughter Lucy announced that she is coming out for a visit...on Wednesday! Didn't give us much notice but what the heck. I am delighted that she is prepared to travel all the way from England to spend a week with her aged parents. Aren't I a lucky bunny.

So we are preparing for her arrival amidst all the other jobs that are backing up due to the incessant rain. Boat is a mess again but I am beginning to come to terms with the continual upheaval. Sometimes you just have to accept the way things are, gulp.

One of our ducks is missing! Gloria has gone AWOL. Seems she either didn't like Armando enough, the 'bossy bitch heron' did away with her or maybe she just swam off?
No evidence or a 'dastardly' deed so my money is on her making a break for freedom. I suggest that if another wife is purchased for the confused bachelor she is penned in for a couple of weeks first!

More cruisers planning to leave today for the islands. It's going to be pretty empty by the end of the week...


Travis and Maggie said...

How true! Sometimes you DO have to accept continual upheaval, especially if you've chosen a boaters life!

Ranting Sailor said...

Could the duck be down with Frank? Maybe he thinks it's another chicken.