Sunday, 3 May 2009

Central Belize

We have been having a great time just being here in Belize! Once the seas finally calmed down we left Placencia and headed north to some of the islands. Of course the wind was blowing bang on the nose so our first day was spent motoring but we have made up for that since with some tremendous sails.

We have managed to deliver dolphins,fish catching and terrific snorkeling for our guests, it's always a relief when you can deliver the prerequisites for the perfect Caribbean holiday!

After losing a quantity of our water due to contamination we are a little low but no worries so far. having far too much fun to write so all for now!

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1 comment:

Second Summit said...

How delightful to have the winds and weather cooperate when you have visiting crew!

So glad to hear about trips that begin with a full day of motoring with the wind on the nose, and then continue with the good sailing that we all came for.

Back here on the Rio, Second Summit is finally out of the water! Minor hull repairs and a new coat of bottom paint (black) and topsides paint (light grey to replace the hot black) and we'll be ready to sail next season. (Can you tell I'm jealous that you got the rubber band to let you go in Spring)?