Friday, 29 May 2009

Earthquake news...

We heard on the net this morning that the Shell dock in Placencia sustained serious damage in the earthquake the other day. It will be unable to deliver fuel for some time apparently, there is also no water in the town...That means that we will have to be careful with our water usage over the next few weeks, especially if it stays as calm as it is now.

Five houses collapsed in Monkey River Town and Mango Creek lost their water tower. Makes you realise what a fragile existence we live balanced on the crust of the earth.

We are keeping busy with a major varnishing project. The interior of the boat has not been touched since she was built so it's time to start touching her up! The first foray has begun with the companionway and the cabin sole. Small pieces at a time and TBH is doing a fantastic job of keeping the disruption to a minimum. We are using gloss varnish this time round and it looks stunning, that of course means that we will also have to renew the upholstery and soft furnishings to achieve the classic boat feel that we are hoping for.... a long job.

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Second Summit said...

Glad to have this update. Amazingly, US news media have given the Honduras earthquake almost no coverage.

Here on the Rio we were shaken and stirred a bit, but not broken. Tienda Ingrid and Cheekie's both closed for a day to pick up broken bottles, etc, but homes here appear to have been okay for the most part.

I can't describe how relieved we were to motor around the point in the morning and see all the masts on the hard at Ram Marine were still standing!

Hoping your water supply lasts until they finish their repairs ashore.