Thursday, 28 May 2009

Earthquake in Belize..

Earthquake Gerry - wake up! That was my rude awakening at 2.27am local time this morning. My beloved is prodding me awake as the boat shakes as though it is balanced on a particularly wobbly jelly. Almost as I woke it was over but too late, we were awake by then.

It's a strange feeling lying in our cocoon discussing what to do in case of a tsunami! My view is that there are two reefs between us and the open sea as well as a mangrove edge to this lagoon, and there is a nice muddy bottom if all the water gets sucked out, pleasant thoughts eh! We are in 8 feet of water and had a lot(!) over 120 feet of chain out so I should be relaxed.

Except I just downloaded the emails from the kids who tell me it was 7.1 on the Richter scale, centred 39 miles NE of Roatan, that's about 140 miles from here and that Belize is on a tsunami watch, Gulp!

So having a very overactive imagination, I have insisted that we shut the hatches for the next few hours and am making a nice cup of tea!

It used to be so simple when the earth moved in the UK, we just went back to sleep!

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