Monday, 27 April 2009

Placencia time.

Our guests are onboard and apart from a small hiccup of losing a bag all is well. The missing kit turned up this morning, thank goodness as it contained the replacement cable for the engine control...

Excursions have been booked, goodies unpacked and exclaimed over and family relationships re-established. The girls have befriended the crew from a large motor yacht here in the bay and are aiming to go diving with them later in the week, ah sweet youth!

The wind is still blowing steadily which on one hand mean we have oodles of power whilst on the other necessitates us waiting for a little calmer wind so not as to scare the guests too much! There is a large Moorings base here and the eager punters hoist all sail and career off through the anchorage for the first day of their hols, approx half a mile out the boat screeches to a halt , comes upright again and you can almost hear the indignant screams of reluctant spouses declaring that "unless this thing comes upright I'm going back to land. NOW!"

Placencia is delightful, everyone so friendly. The stores are well stocked with identifiable meat cuts, long lusted for European delicacies, although it's pretty pricey.

One bad moment as we discovered that we have taken aboard some contaminated water, hopefully only in our deck jugs which are a very nasty shade of green. First time that's happened to us! Still I have them soaking in Bleach and hopefully we have got away without contaminating any of the main tanks. I am paranoid about keeping the water onboard potable and was shocked to see our recently filled cans in such a state.

So busy catching up on the sailing comics, new books, organising meals and preparing to head of to some of the delightful cays that we have heard so much about...

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