Friday, 8 May 2009

Alone again...

Yesterday our guests, Charlotte(eldest daughter) and her old University chum Jess, departed for The UK after spending a delightful couple of weeks with us.We had intended collecting them from Belize City but it turned out that they caught one of the Tropicair flights down to Placencia. At a cost of $75 US each for one way it seemed a little pricey compared to internal flights in panama but it certainly was convenient.

We enjoyed a couple of days anchored off the small centre at Placencia and the girls found the locals very friendly and helpful. we certainly reaped the benefits of having a couple of attractive young females aboard! Water dropped from $4 for 20 gallons to $2 and they were never charged the $5 fee for leaving rubbish ashore! I have been thinking of trying to disguise TBH but don't think anyone is going to be fooled!!

We then headed North up to Blue Ground Range and then North again to Blue fields. We enjoyed some excellent snorkelling on Rendezvous Quay and the two guys who look after the island offered to keep TBH hostage to ensure we returned the following day! Initially they demanded a $5 a head fee for landing but that was forgotten as the girls flashed their bikinis! Ageism or what...

We sailed slowly back to Placencia where a great social life was enjoyed. So a very successful time. It was a delight to have them on board.

So now we will stay in Placencia to regroup ourselves, the boat seems very quiet. Washing to be done, some minor repairs and a bit of reprovisioning and then off to a nice secluded anchorage for us. The weather is nye on perfect with a nice breeze to keep the batteries charged, little o no rain and just occasionally a small swell to remind us that we are at anchor.

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