Sunday, 10 May 2009

Calm after the storm...

..well bit of a blow really! Most of the anchorage, ok then about 1/4, have spent today reanchoring after a squall went through last night. Winds gusting up to 30k and out of the South and West which made things a little disorientating for a while. Why, oh why, do they always seem to anchor closer to us? Is it some strange magnetic attraction? There is masses of space here and I just don't understand people's need to keep moving about... oh well.

It's flat calm again this morning although we are threatened with some more light shows tonight.

We have still not commissioned the watermaker after our extended stay at the dock so TBH is running the gauntlet of a particularly unpleasant manager at the Shell station that supplies water and fuel via their dock here in Placencia. Well that's the theory apparently. So far she refuses to turn on the tap as she would have to get up off her salubrious car seat couch. She's already charged us twice the going rate, compared to what the girls paid, and the fuel pump seems to be inaccurate by around 10%, in her favour of course!

Still she is only one bad egg in a town that seems mostly full of delightful and helpful people. I will not let her form the basis of my view of Belize!

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