Friday, 3 April 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot.

And I really mean hot. The last two days have seen the temperature reaching over 100 degrees F. That has been pretty stressful. On top of that the internet at the Marina has not been working for the past three days. Plus we are working very hard to complete our projects before getting out of here.

Yes I know, whine, whine, whinge but it doesn't happen too often that I feel really seriously wound up by things.

The YouTube project is coming along magnificently. I find music very emotionally stimulating and the quality of the films coming in to the boat continues to astound and amaze with their talents and qualities.

As we have been working at nights, to minimize the heat factor and to try and get a better internet connection, TBH has decided to revarnish the cockpit during the early mornings before we collapse in a heap during the heat of the day. Unbelievably it's over a year since we last did this part of the boat and the uv damage is significant. At least it's an easily accessible part of the boat, I am grateful for small mercies!

So Paradise is a little less than perfect today...

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