Thursday, 23 April 2009


..So here we sit, and wait...

The weather forecast has been a little unpleasant for the direction that we need to go so we have decided to let Charlotte and Jess fly down from Belize City to join us here on Sunday. Although we always warn visitors that they may have to make late adjustments to their travel plans, what with the vagaries of the weather and all, this is actually the first time we have put the plan into action.

Twenty plus knots on the nose with 6 feet swells is NOT my idea of fun. Then with the chance we may be unable to leave the marina in Belize City it seems better to have them come here. Placencia is a laid back, seaside Caribbean resort. Francis Ford Coppola's resort lights up the night sky and there are a myriad of bars, restaurants and excursion organizers. Not that we've seen much of it yet, TBH is currently off in town trying to track down some Sikaflex. The leak in the aft cabin is still giving trouble... there is a 'Moorings' charter base here so he's hopeful that there may be some to be found.

Actually it seems pretty quiet here, hardly any boats moving around. Of course there are always the ones who come and anchor right on top of you as soon as you get settled. I try and remain laid back about it but it does annoy me. There is loads of room here so why the heck they have to get so close goodness only knows... Did i mention the French yet????!

I have bread rising in the cockpit, a chocolate cake on the side and Chinese fried rice ready for supper. You forget what hard work self-sufficiency is!

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