Saturday, 18 April 2009


It's a difficult thing to leave this river! We stopped for the night down in Gringo Bay only to realise that now our KISS wind generator wasn't working. It's happened before and been a loose connection. This time we decided to change the rectifier. We carry a couple of spares and after 10 years sterling service felt that our dear old KISS deserved a bit of a treat. So she's spinning again and producing lots of lovely power for us. It was nice and breezy yesterday (we are anchored outside the enclosed bay) and it was a delight to see the battery power come back up.

It's a delight being back at anchor. Swimming every day. The peace and quiet here are wonderful. Maybe we are being too quiet as an outbreak of bird nesting has broken out... A pair of swallows have taken over the roller furling on the Yankee and even stranger a pair of Kiskadee's have made a nest right at the top of the mast! Rather them than me... The dropped twigs and small fish over the deck are a bit of a pain and they are in for one hell of a shock when we up anchor shortly!

And some sad news. TBH's mother died a couple of days ago. She was 96 and had a full and happy life, dying in her own home. You can't ask for much more than that. It has been a treat to have a few days of quiet contemplation to remember a great mum and mother-in-law. We will miss you Alice.

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