Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rock n' Roll.

It's Semana Santa, holy week, here on the Rio and the usually placid waters of the river are being whipped into their annual maelstrom by the 'visiting' powerboats.

A lot of the boats only appear once a year and their captains have pretty much the level of skill associated with that degree of experience! The sight of a large high powered motor cruiser neither up on the plain on flat on the water would have the grand Old Duke of York reaching for the whisky bottle!

Many times a day the waters are churned into massive wakes that not only make the boats in the marina rock like the worst kind of beam sea but cause devastation along the river bank. We need tsunami warnings! You have to empathize with the local residents who regularly see their docks destroyed and their cayucos swamped.

For us it's a case of keeping everything below well secured, not too bad right now as we are already in 'sea-going' mode anticipating our departure early next week.

As the heat drops a little, the early mornings and evenings here are just beautiful. Spectacular blood red sunsets and sunrises give a pink and turquoise tint to the waters. The humming birds in their emerald green plumage feast on the bright pink and white mimosa flowers and the only sound to break the spell is the splash as a fisherman casts his circular net into the waters.

Then the powerboats start and the tabanid flies begin to bite.....

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