Saturday, 2 August 2008

When the mountains tremble.

One of the many films that we bought back from the USA was a remastered version of the 1980's documentary about the Civil war here in Guatemala. Narrated by Rigoberta Menchu, 'When the mountains tremble', was filmed during the civil war and won many awards at festivals worldwide.

There are a couple of dramatized scenes but the majority of the footage was shot during actual events at the time of the war. It's interesting and sobering stuff. The filmmakers simply report on the events leading up to and surrounding what was happening here at that time.

...and remember this only ended in 1996. It bought home to me, once again, what a young democracy Guatemala is and what a privilege it is to be able to spend time in countries such as this as a cruiser.

Central America was never a place that either myself or TBH had thought about in terms of an extended stay. However the more we have seen the more we want to see and understand the role of this fascinating region in the politics of the current world order. It's a complicated and, often, emotional issue. One that I realise I have hardly begun to comprehend.

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