Sunday, 17 August 2008

Facing the consequences.

I stand corrected by 'Emy', see her comment on my previous post, and have altered the statement that Sunday's Child was at Monkey Bay marina, when it appears they were in fact at El Relleno marina.

But what does Emy really find "sickening" here, that I may have got the name of the marina wrong, surely not?

Emy writes: "he is a drug abuser because he shared a joint in new york? i fail to see how this got him killed"

Thank you Emy, that precisely demonstrates my point: "Drug abuse has become so commonplace that people have forgotten it is illegal!"

Yes, Dan was a drug abuser because he shared a joint in New York. Illegal actions, which DO still include smoking a joint, have to colour our views of subsequent events. It is a fact of life that, much as we may want to deny it, drug use is the source of massive damage in our world.

Turn a blind eye if that makes you comfortable, pretend these actions have no consequences. I believe that they do and the more we refuse to question such groupthink then the sadder and more dangerous our world becomes.

Nobody is denying that this has been an awful time, both for those immediately connected with events and for those in the surrounding communities. But we do not do ourselves any favours by not facing reality. As I said in my previous post, it is doubtful whether we will ever know the true circumstances of this incident. However given the information that we do have it would be irresponsible not to take all these factors into consideration.

Yes, I could have kept my mouth shut in deference to the widow but she is a small part of a much bigger situation. And not speaking out is the way these lessons will not be learned. I know that in this emotional climate it may be deemed politically incorrect or socially distasteful to raise these issues. However if we don't discuss the root causes we will never deal with the consequences.

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