Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More trouble on the Rio.

The river is crawling, and I mean that literally looking at the extremely slow speeds they do, with Naval vessels.Patrolling up and down outside the marinas. A show of support I guess.

Sadly they were not in the right place last night when a group of three boats were attacked downriver near to the Hot Springs. The report that was given over the Cruiser's VHF net this morning was a little confused.

One boat clearly described the fact that he was boarded by four machete wielding intruders who tried to gain access to below decks. Fortunately he was well secured and they left after stealing his on deck generator. It sounded as though one of the other boats was also robbed by the same group but that was not clear.

One of the boats in the group was MIMA, a boat bought from friends of ours in Panama last year. Apparently this boat was not boarded but the owners, Mark and Sue Wheeler and their children are badly shaken.

We were very quiet as we listened to the report over breakfast. A few of us were in the restaurant together and we exchanged concerned glances.

As I am typing this a report has just come over the radio of three outboard engines having been stolen last night just across the river. Not from cruisers this time but from locals. Mmn that's got my antennae up I can tell you! All this going on right under the noses of the authorities makes you ask yourself some fundamental questions.

Nancy, from Sundays Child is being flown from the hospital in Morales sometime today to Guatemala City. Her children are now with her and she will be evacuated to the USA for further treatment.

My feelings are somewhat mixed right now. As I keep saying this is a country that is only 10 years past a civil war. A land that is still divided, socially, culturally and economically.TBH and I have been talking about the situation and our sense is that this is not over yet. I will keep you in touch as the story unfolds.

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