Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bob's is bigger than mine...

Tomato plant, that is. Yes gardening fever has broken out here at Mario's as a small core of us settle in for the hurricane season.

Along with putting up the sunshade on the boat and settling in to 'dockside' mode a new competitive pastime is vying to take over the mahjong school. Bob sowed some seeds, weeks ago, then offered them around the boats.

Now I'm not saying its cos he had first pick(much) or that he was better prepared but I had a two week repotting delay whilst we were away in Florida and I have been claiming this is the cause of 'Tommy's' slow start. I must admit that I had two plants to start with but to be honest 'Thomasina' just wasn't up to the challenge. So after a serious talk one daybreak I graciously helped her to commit really was the only way to go!

I have said that I am going for size here! It stated on the packet that these seeds would produce fruits of up to 1.5lbs and thats my aim... Let me tell you guys size really does matter!

I think Bob is in danger of peaking too soon, too much green growth. Confidentially though I am scared! I have taken to stroking Tommy's leaves in the mornings before I satisfy his thirst with lovely specially fertilized blue water to make him big and strong.

I believe in you Tommy! Together we can do this. Hmm maybe I need to read him passages from motivational works, play gentle music...

I am taking tips from this site, you really can find anything on the internet!


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