Wednesday, 20 August 2008

More dialogue.

'Don Gato' who posted the death threat on the Rio Dulce Chisme has made some intersting comments on my posts which I have published uncensored.

Intentionally, or otherwise, his comments are very revealing. Don said:

You asked to be removed from our Forum because no one agreed with your drivel.

First as a matter of fact I did not ask to be removed from Chisme because some people disagreed with me. I had made the mistake of putting my personal email address on the profile and my mailbox was clogged up with threatening and abusive messages.

Good to know that even though you don't have the cajones to post anymore, you still read our Forum, and our website, since the only correct information you published was nearly plagiarized from our site.

Yes, I read the Chisme. there are some good articles and informative pieces, and I hate to say it but some of the recipes are okay too! Far from plagiarizing, I have always acknowledged any reference to the Rio dulce Chisme that I have made on my blog. I take my information from local sources, Associated Press, Reuters, Al Jazeera, La Prensa Libra and other internet sites.

Gerry you need to chill out and smoke a joint. You can always say you didn't inhale.

By the way the "large quanity" of marijuana was found in the village not on the boat. They were the drug dealers, not the Drydens.

I never said anything about any quantity of marijuana being found on the boat. May I suggest that you reread the blog. My quote, which I acknowledge in my post as having taken from the Rio Dulce Chisme says:

According to information received from El Periodico in Guatemala City, Carlos Ernesto Lemus Hernandez, 19, and his brother Elfido Concepcion Lemus Hernandez, 33, both of the village of Esmeralda, near Mario's Marina, were taken in custody after a search of their home resulted in the discovery of an ice pick, binoculars believed to have been taken from the Dryden's sailboat, s/v Sunday's Child, as well as a quantity of marijuana.

You quote me:
"What comment can I possibly make about such a world when I come with my own baggage of cultural assumptions and bigotry? Best to just watch and learn."

Good advice! Why don't you take it.

Point taken. However there comes a time when we have to discuss the undiscussable. After we have watched and learnt, maybe we need to talk things through.

You misunderstood what I said Gerry. I was talking about the Local Cruisers who live at Mario's marina. It seems you are not real popular with your neighbors. Your not very popular with the other cruising blogs either.

...and? First you say I lack balls (true!) now you say I ought to be seeking to win some popularity contest. Make up your mind.

You misinterpreted my statement. I was speaking of your neighbors at Mario's. I've heard several comments from people who live there that you need to be put out of your misery.

Why don't you get a life and stop meddling in things which you obviously have no knowledge.

Thank you, Don, for relaying this death threat.

I can see the worried faces on the Rio at the moment and understand why.

More police raids are forecast, what would they find if they searched boats for drugs?

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