Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Books and bugs.

I have been laid low for the last few days with a nasty bug that TBH so generously shared with me..or maybe just the results of some international air travel. Who knows! But it has meant that my days, and nights, have been filled with book reading. There is always a silver lining!

I read very quickly, as a kid nobody believed that I was reading 'properly' as I just turned pages so fast. What I now realise is that I am one of those lucky people who speed read by instinct.Not seeing individual words but rather a whole page of print. I can happily read 2 books a day, which can be rather onerous on our ships library!Thank goodness for book swaps.

It is fascinating exchanging books with so many different people from around the world. I hadn't realised what a cultural bubble my reading was! I am greatly enjoying picking up literature that in the normal run of things I would never see...mind you there is a serious amount of crap out there. Some of the stuff is an insult to the reading public.

Last night I read ' Paradise in Ashes' by Beatriz Manz. She is an anthropologist who has spent 30 years studying one village in the highlands of Guatemala. Her writing is informative and lucid as it covers the period prior to, during and after the civil war. I recommend it as a base for beginning to understand the realities of what the Guatemalans have been through in the last 50 years. Depressing in many ways and yet honest and with some hope for the future.The human condition is a remarkable thing.

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