Sunday, 9 March 2008

Weekend Fun.

It's been an intensely social weekend down here in Guatemala. The BBQ on Friday night was a bit like Brit night, more UK boats around than we have seen in all the time we have been here... It was a great evening, as dusk fell and the flaming torches reflected in the water of the swimming pool, we all sat back to chat , replete with the great chicken hot off the grill.

Karen knows everyone! Having spent 10+ years in Venezuela most cruisers seem to have entered her sphere at some time. So a great deal of exchanging information and gossip was going on. Some happy, some sad and some , frankly, totally outrageous!

It is sad to hear so many tales of illness and indeed death. Is it a reflection of the generally aging demographic of the cruising community I wonder? Really makes you aware how adventures like these should not be postponed too long.

There was a thread recently on the YBW forums where the writer was asking the contributors opinion whether he should return to the UK to earn some more money or press on to the Caribbean in the hope that he would find a job when he got there. I was surprised how many respondents counseled caution and a return to the known in order to earn more. Not for me that route! Grab the moment I say. Live on the edge of the mountain, preferably the edge of the volcano if you really want to be alive...

The cold front that came through in the early hours of Saturday morning bought a refreshing drop in temperatures again, bit too much for some of us who had to hunt around for warmer clothing. No rain so far with this one though which has enabled TBH to continue the varnishing.

Yesterdays swapmeet didn't really happen, too cold and windy for most people to leave their boats. Just the little old girl who paddles here every weekend with her home baked coconut bread rolls. Apparently she does the whole process herself, from preparing the coconuts to baking the bread and then delivering them upstream paddling her own canoe. They taste good too.

Last night we went to dinner with Karen and Doug. Oh My! I haven't laughed so hard for simply ages. Isn't humour the most wonderful thing. Poor TBH and Doug sat bemused a lot of the evening as Karen and I roared with laughter, tears pouring down our faces and incontinence a real risk! There is something about this life that intensifies relationships. Shared memories, the transient nature of meetings, the realization that opportunities have to be grasped. Not only was the company outstanding but Karen is the most AMAZING cook. Whatever she prepares is always so beautifully flavoured and presented, and she makes it seem so easy. Bitch!

TBH and I rolled home along the dock at the appallingly late hour of 9pm(!) well-fed, happy and thankful for the wonderful times that we enjoy...

Sorry, got a bit sentimental there but so what, isn't life grand?

James has flown off to the SXSW Film festival in Austin, Texas. It must be so exciting to see the final product of a film that has been so long in the making. And Charlotte and Lucy have made an old Mum really happy as they have booked their air flights to come and see us in Cuba, along with their respective partners. Ah my cup runneth over!

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