Saturday, 15 March 2008

Semana Santos Rock.

Shock Horror!

Do you know that there are NO Easter Bunnies on Easter Island! No Easter Eggs, no Hot Cross Buns, I was stunned into silence yesterday when talking to Sue from s/y Pagos.

They have spent a number of months living on the Island. Initially, you may recall, they were stuck there waiting for a new part for their forestay which had broken as they were approaching landfall, and now they have returned to spend some more time with their new friends. Their sons, George and Oliver, are attending the local school and I am told even have school uniforms now.

Here on the Rio the annual 'Semana Santos' Rock has begun... no its not a musical event but rather the annual holiday pilgrimage when with every boat out on the water there is a constant rock from the wash of hundreds of small, and large, motorboats, haring up and down the river.

We have made sure that our mast is not in line with those either side of us here on the dock, that the fenders are well attached and that there is no chafing on our docklines. We are given to understand that this motion will continue all week. Oh well - it's one way of getting our sea-legs back!

And no, we still haven't got our passports back, I am trying very hard to remain philosophical.

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