Friday, 7 March 2008

Travel and meditation.

Karen and I are still catching up on the news...

The longer we spend out here cruising the wider the geographical spread of our friends becomes. For example amongst a group of us who were together in Panama last year boats are now in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Easter Island, Bonaire, Bahamas, USA and beyond! Keeping in touch is sporadic but its always easy to pick up again where you left off.

There has been quite an influx of 'new blood' in to the marina this week. There is a great shortage of experienced crew down here in Guatemala. At least two boats here at Mario's are looking for hands to continue their journeys.There are any number of backpackers always offering to help in return for a lift somewhere but quite honestly their lack of any boating experience is not what is needed.

What there are, in great numbers, are single handed male sailors. Often in quite large boats. I guess there just aren't that many woman who really embrace the sailing life. A number of wives join for some legs or fly in to enjoy the destination but we see fewer and fewer sailing couples, and far fewer younger sailors. Is this a result of the economic squeeze I wonder? Young people becoming increasingly afraid and unwilling to drop out of the ratrace lest they lose their place on the hierarchical ladder of home ownership and job promotions?

It is a pity if that is the case as to travel and acquire the skills to cruise successfully has to be a great recommendation for success in the world of business. Leadership, decision making, risk management, all the buzzwords of corporate life are certainly well practiced on board!

The brightwork is looking simply beautiful, although TBH is fast approaching the number of coats where we may have to call in a psychiatrist to adjudicate. Whilst I sympathize with the majority of boaters who cannot be bothered with real varnish on board it is such a lovely feature of the boat that I would not be without it.

Fortunately TBH finds the task therapeutic and likens it to a Zen meditation. He says that it allows him to clear his mind and focus solely on the beauty of the wood(!). That in turn leaves his brain free to work on another level to think and solve problems that he faces in his software development, can't argue with that!

So it's another lovely day in paradise. This afternoon the marina are laying on a Barbeque up by the pool so I guess it will be a lazy few hours of eating and chatting for me... ah well it's a tough life but somebody has to do it!

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