Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Life in the City.

Hot on the trail of TBH`s passport we have made the long
trek across country back to Guatemala City. This time though
we availed ourselves of the service of the Marina van. Much
quicker and a direct delivery to our hotel... More expensive
though, ah well it was worth it.
My documents have arrived but for some strange beaurecratic
reason his have been held up somewhere between Guatemala and
<mexico City where they are sent to be printed. Let`s not
even go there!

We arrived on the embassy doorstep at 8am Monday morning,
the charming lady remembered us straight away and produced
my documents. She thought TBH`s should be here by Tuesday
and failing that would organise for a 12 month passport to
be printed so that we can, finally, get on our way to Cuba.
I remain optomistic that it will turn up later today...

In the meantime very serious shopping is taking place! I
came armed with a list and to mydelight managed to work
through most of it yesterday. With the help of a fellow
cruisers membership card for Pricesmart our hotel bedroom is
quickly filling with piles of goodies that we simply can no
longer live without; massive quantities of foam brushes,
velcro fasteners and TWO new toilet seats. Note that these
are EXACTLY the same ones sold in the UK for the Jabsco loo,
there one will set you back around 35 pounds here we got TWO
for under 200 Quetzals, thats a little over 15 pounds!

So we are braving the cold and windy conditions here, at 75
degrees during the day it fels bitterly cold compared with
the Rio. One more shopping trip to complete and then we will
have a very full boat. As we will have seven of us on board
in Cuba I am a bit thrown on how much provisioning to do.
However I am working on the principle that if I stuff the
boat as full as possible I should get close to what we

So fingers crossed we will be off shortly!

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