Monday, 17 March 2008

Alleged killing in Hostage case.

Controversy continues as it is alleged that one of the 'farmers' involved in the kidnapping of the Belgian tourists has been killed by the security forces who were part of the unit sent in by the Guatemalan government to free the four captured Belgian Nationals.

Rolando Yoc, an assistant in the Office of Human Rights, who went to the village Puntarenas, Lívingston, said that the body of the deceased, Mario Caal Bolón aged 29, showed signs of having been beaten and hit by an explosive device.

Ricardo Gatica, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry , said that the forces that participated in the search and release of the hostages were not armed "Our people did not fire at any time," he said.

With claim, and counter-claim, at least the hostages have been released well and safe. They were flown to the capital and amidst tight security were expected to leave for Belgium shortly.

I wonder at the claim made by the interior ministry that the forces were not armed, given the photographs that appeared in the Sunday edition of La Prensa Libre which showed naval vessels bristling with policemen and guns...

If the Government are offering dialogue as a solution to dispute they really are going to have to follow through on their promises... and fast.

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