Friday, 14 March 2008

Music and memories.

Well my week of laughter and gossip draws to a close as Karen leaves this morning to return to Canada. I have been teasing her all week about how cold it will be and when her Mum telephoned to say that they were experiencing temperatures of -50 I almost thought she might stay...

But duty calls and her mother needs some help so Karen will be leaving and we will miss her a lot. Not least her hairdressing skills, her seamstress skills, her fabulous cooking and of course that terrific sense of humour. Hurry back girl!

Last night she and Doug came to join us for dinner. The cockpit gleamed with its new varnish, the stars twinkled and some live music floated across the water to accompany our meal. Even the bugs kept a low profile and we were able to enjoy a final balmy night under the clear heavens.

Some nights are just special and that was one, after out guests had retired to their boat TBH and I sat out savoring the music and the moment. One of the greatest memories as we have cruised has been the music we have come across. The sound of a Gospel Choir rehearsing in St Eustasius, a private guitar recital on a veranda overlooking the River Guardiana in Portugal, the wild exuberance of the crowd at Gibraltar's National Day, the steel bands and calypso of Trinidad. We have sat on the foredeck whilst at anchor listening to Elton John singing his heart out, live(!) and cringed below decks at some of the excruciating karaoke singers that seem to abound!

Just a bar of a tune, a particular rhythm and instantly I can be transported back to a memory of a place, a moment, an adventure...

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