Monday, 2 November 2009

Pirates off Nicaraguan Banks.

Just picked this up from Noonsite . A bit closer to where we are than the Chandlers, but not a good sign.

This is a report from s/v Blu Interlude, a 47' sailing vessel.
At 0700 on Monday 26 October, 2009, we were under way along the Nicaraguan Banks, about 16 miles off Cabo Gracias A Dios (GPS position Lat: 15 4.7' N / Long: 82 55.1 W).
We were flagged down by a green panga approximately 25' with 4 men on board. Some of the Pirates were wearing para military clothing. We slowed the boat down and then the pirates pulled shotguns and pistols and boarded us.
At gun point they tied all three of us up and then took cameras, money, dinghy outboard, watches, sun glasses, hand held GPS and VHF radios and cell phones. They were on board for about 45 minutes searching the boat for valuables.
The attack was reported to the Coast Guard at San Andreas Island, Columbia on Tuesday October 27, 2009.
Juan Pablo Del Solar Goldsmith
SV Blu Interlude

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