Saturday, 14 November 2009

Casa Guatemala

Twice a week Casa Guatemala, the orphanage here on the Rio, visit the marinas on their boat. They sell meat and dairy produce to the boaters as one way of raising funds for their organization.
Over the months they have come to recognize our boat and will stop by wherever we are anchored and I usually stock up with their products.

Pork, beef, chicken, all good quality and reasonably priced. They make their own sausages which are excellent, sort of like an oversized Cumberland sausage but with peppers and spices too. We really enjoy these with mashed potato and onion gravy, excellent comfort food.

From time to time they have chicken livers which I always buy, great for pate.

This morning they had a couple of volunteers with them beginning to collect toys for Christmas(!). They organize celebrations for 250 kids and times are pretty hard at the moment. I searched through our toy cupboard and came up with a few bits and TBH generously donated a six foot wing span glider that he had been saving for a rainy day. Now all I have to do is persuade him to part with the radio controlled airplane that takes up valuable space on my side of our berth.....!

We stocked up with goodies, filled the fridge and indulged in a couple of treats, fruit yoghurt all for the grand sum of 204Q, around 20 euros, not bad!

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SV Dragonheart said...

Geoff, Good on you for the glider.