Monday, 2 November 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

...and the boat erupts into a malestrom of activity.
Like the well oiled machine that we have evolved into,NOT, bodies fly around the boat.
Shut the hatches.
Take down the windscoop.
Plug the deck drains.
Open the water tank fillers.
Put the hose into the water cans.

YES!!! Running on almost empty yesterday's cloudburst was a well timed opportunity to fill our water tanks after a few weeks of dry weather.

But of course the excitement continues, mustn't waste a drop of this precious liquid. As soon as the tanks get near full I frantically run off buckets of the stuff down in the galley and begin to launder everything in sight. Yesterday there was a lot of it!

Armed with my trusty 'washing dolly' from Lakeland I plunge gleefully up and down amongst the dirty clothes, scrubbing and rinsing and wringing. The sweat pours off me in the high humidity of the tropical weather but I don't care. Not me! later I can have a LONG luxurious shower in the sweetest softest rainwater. Ah bliss.

By the time the tanks were full all the laundry was in buckets waiting to be hung out to dry I was clean and sweet smelling, just like the laundry.

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