Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Get your own Guru here!

 I first met TBH at a concert in London, at the Albert hall. We were mutual guests of his sister and sat next to each other through a tedious concert of Bruckner 's 9th conducted by Alfred Brendle. Sure it's heroic stuff but I think I classified it to TBH as an 'old mans music to die to!' I just knew I had impressed him!

At dinner after the event TBH held me enthralled as he espoused his views of Taoism, The Tao, Eastern Philosophy. I was agog. Ever a sucker for a bit of deep philosophy he had me hooked. And that as they say was that...

So ever since I have tried to get to grips with some of the vast numbers of Great Thinkers that we have access to. It's daunting and my mind goes into spasms as I attempt to understand a few of the profound gurus of history. I can always turn to TBH, who had read most of the great philosophy tracts by the age of 9!!

But when I come across one of the modern, fast track routes to understanding I am more than willing to follow it!

I am a fan of The School of Life a marvelous organisation of philosophers et al who aim to bring meaning to everyday existence. Along with a fair dose of humour.

On their recent blog they have a link to, where by answering a short questionnaire you can find which of the ancient Greek philosophers is most suited to your personality type! I did it.

Guess who my own guru came out as??

Epicurus! Pretty good huh!

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