Wednesday, 18 November 2009


It has been a difficult few days. By nature I am very optimistic, sometimes overly so! This week has tried that aspect of my nature somewhat...

It's never just one thing is it? Since the lightning strike back in June we have been steadily working our way through the list of equipment that failed. It's not just having to buy the stuff, it's how you get it down here in deepest Guatemala. Friends have helped out by ferrying in large pieces of kit, but there is only so much you can ask them to do and still remain friends!

Well the new SSB is in place and now we find the tuner unit is also knackered. Not a complete surprise but you hope, don't you, that the Gods are with you just some of the time, not on this boat this week.Then the engine started running warmer than usual, not enough to panic but enough to raise a flag. It also started spewing out white smoke and making a rattling sound somewhere in the exhaust system.

And to cap it all last night I threw a full glass of white wine all over my computer. That was it....tears, wailing and a gnashing of teeth swiftly followed.

TBH is wonderful, he stroked me gently and quietly reminded me of all that is right with our lives. We are happy together, we are living  our dream. We have our health, wonderful children and a magnificent sailing boat. I was pretty ashamed of my outburst I can tell you.

Once I had calmed down we settled to watch the final edit of 'Harmony; the road to Carnegie Hall'. And there I was sobbing again! All that talent, those hopes and dreams. It's a wonderful slice of life, do watch it when it reaches a TV station near you.

The guy from Mexico, an enormously talented violinist, who makes a living playing in jazz bars and at parties, humbled me when he said " Twenty years ago I dreamed, maybe of Carnegie Hall, then I forgot to dream anymore. Dreams do come true."

So right, sometimes, somewhere along the line I forget to dream. Big mistake!

And this morning TBH set about finding solutions in his own patient, intelligent fashion. It's now 9am and so far he's discovered a partially clogged raw water intake, which would account for the temperature rise, a damaged piece of exhaust hose which would account for the rattle. Not bad huh!

Time to resurrect those dreams...

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SV Dragonheart said...

A good friend once told me, "Obstacles are those terrifying things you see when you take your eye off of the goal."

Love ya