Saturday, 5 September 2009

Why the world is not my oyster...

..well could be 'cos we sail a Bowman!

Enough of this wit and on to the main event.

It's almost two years now since I started to write this blog, my how time flies when you are having fun...

Just about five years since we made the momentous decision to turn right at Gibraltar and set sail across the Atlantic. Boy were we novices back then! When I think back to our passage from Gib to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands I grow cold. Like many moments in my life I fail to recall exactly how a decision was reached, just the vague knowledge that somewhere along the line this is the right thing to do. TBH was always keen to tackle the Atlantic but I rather fancied the more hedonistic lifestyle of swanning around the Med for a few years. Needless to say we crossed the Atlantic, he's very good at letting me believe that I am in control but getting his own way all the same. Still I don't hold it against him, much.

Those six days around the coast of Africa were hard work. I suffer from seasickness and the washing machine like motions of the sea really were not at all helpful. But we made it, in one piece and invigorated by succeeding in the challenge that we had set ourselves. We felt that we had made the leap from Cruisers to voyagers.

And now the time for decisions comes round again. Life has become more complex since the launch of Yalaworld and for the first time in years we have to consider longer term responsibilities as we decide where we head for next. As the business moves from embryonic to growing I find myself weighing up all the options. Sounds good doesn't it!~ Just wish I could come to some decisions!

Kamchatka, Japan, Aleutians still top the list but realistically will probably have to be deferred a while until we can safely be out of communication for long periods of time.

So the big question is ... North, South, East or West? Right now the world seems a much bigger place than an oyster!

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